35R & RE-10


Form 35R

Washington's Inspection Response Form

This form is utilized by Washington State home buyers following the inspection of a property and is used to request the seller make repairs or modifications to the contract. This can hold up closing until the list of repairs specified has been completed.

That’s where we come in! Arnold Professional Holdings is a general contractor specializing in emergency repairs specified in 35R Inspection Response forms. We work lightning fast to get your property in tip top shape and on to the closing table.

Form RE-10

Idaho's Inspection Response Form

This form is similar to Washington’s 35R but includes minor differences for the Idaho housing market. This form is also filled out by the buyer following an inspection of the property under contract and specifies any repairs that will need to be performed prior to closing.

We know the Kootenai County real estate market like the back of our hand and what it takes to professionally restore even the most dilapidated properties. Need your property closed yesterday? Call us today and ask how we can get your RE-10 repairs completed in 48 hours or less*!

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